Short-term memory BIO

Engenheira Informática e programadora em recuperação, LEGO minifig nos tempos livres, emigrante portuguesa por escolha, noctívaga forçada a ser cotovia, viajante ocasional, apreciadora de café e cheesecake, ser humano de gatos, desiludida da tecnologia. A trabalhar em projectos pessoais de programação e a fazer coisas na empresa da Maçã.


Hi, I’m Catarina, Kat for short, a Portuguese expat living between Portugal and the land of the leprechauns. I’m a software engineer graduated from Instituto Superior Técnico. After working in several places in Europe, for different companies and startups, I’m a software developer in recovery, working at the Fruit Company on stuff I mostly can’t talk about.
Besides software and a bit of hardware side projects, I enjoy the usual – good books, movies, music, tv shows, occasional computer adventure game and Interactive Fiction, strawberry cheesecake and coffee. I’m also into genealogy, photography (mostly mobile these days), travel to far away places and experiencing different cultures.

This is my website – an ongoing and intermittent personal project since 2001. It has had many forms and versions, from journal, to video/photo gallery, to blog, to empty space. I’m still trying to figure out exactly what I want this to be. In the meantime, it’s just a place of experimental self-expression and my little insignificant bubble on the internet.

I can be reached at velouria AT velouria DOT org.